The Republican Debate discussion has seemed to focus on a company called Planned Parenthood.  There is the discussion of abortion and whether or not it is right or wrong.

My question is, why poison the the name of Planned Parenthood in a whole instead of just criticizing the controversial act that SOME locations participate in?  Planned Parenthood does a lot for low income families and the sexual education for the youth.

My personal memories of Planned Parenthood is in the 90’s…Birth Control Pills

My mother often came to me as a teenager and said, “When you decide to have sex, please come to me and I will take you to Planned Parenthood for birth control“.  I was 18 when it came that time for me.  I was too shy to actually go to my mom, but her words were lovingly imbeded im my mind.  I went to Planned Parenthood on my own and they provided me with free education, birth control and most of all confidence.

Before we completely shut out the entire Planned Parenthood, maybe we should realize all of the great things they provide our youth.


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