Clearly, we live in a highly technological day in age. From home surveillance systems to street and traffic video, and nearly every stores’ camera, it seems like most of our every moves are being monitored.


Fast forward 20 years into your baby/toddler’s life, one can only imagine how much technology will advance. If we stay on current trend, it’s almost a sure thing that every public (and possibly private) move will be watched.


I went all out when my oldest son was born; I went for the ‘top of the line’, high tech video baby monitor. It last me a good four years. My oldest was never interested in the video baby monitor, so I didn’t explain how it worked to him until he asked me, around the age of four. My youngest son was completely fascinated by the baby monitor and camera. I just went for a ‘no frills’, simple video baby monitor. I showed him how it worked when he was between 1 and 2 years old. Not that he could actually grasp the concept of a camera and monitor, it seemed he had the sense that I could see him because, he would look at the camera on the ceiling and say, “camera”, while calling for me. I’m on both sides of the fence; One child didn’t grow up with the feeling of being watched, and the other will grow up with it.


Should tell your baby/toddler that you can see them in the monitor or should you not let them know you are watching them? Would telling them somehow prepare them for their almost certain future reality: that their every move, and I mean every move, will be watched?; or would that create a sense of anxious paranoia in your child because they feel their every move is being watched?
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