Whether you are looking to lose weight or just tone up your muscles without bulking up, Slim In 6 may be the program for you.  I can say from experience that this program is achievable and it works!

My mom and I did this Beachbody program religiously, 6 days a week for 30 – 45 minutes a day.  Before we started, we both needed to lose some weight.  Our knees were popping and aching when we walked or climbed the stairs.  My mom had high blood pressure and was about to be put on meds by her doctor to keep it under control.  She told her doctor to hold off on the prescription for 6 weeks while we gave Slim in 6 a try.

I was staying with my mom at the time and each day she returned home from work, we got with the program.  Some days it wasn’t easy.  The most difficult part was starting the workout.  Once we began, it was actually enjoyable.  We didn’t drastically alter our diet, but working out naturally had us making better food choices. After our week two before and after photos and measurements, we were blown away at the change.  That motivated to us to stick with it.  When we finished our six weeks, we couldn’t have been happier!  Not only had we lost weight and inches, we had loads of energy, no more achy knees, gorgeous toned arms and legs AND most importantly, my mom’s blood pressure was at a healthy level and she no longer needed meds!  Her doctor was truly shocked!


The both of us didn’t have the guts to post our photos (sports bras and bikini bottoms) on the web, but there are many real Slim in 6 results I am including.  If you send in your before and after photos, they will give you a FREE T shirt that you will most definitely wear proudly!  I cannot promote something I don’t know or believe in. This program works if you stay dedicated!  I KNOW you will have amazing results with Slim in 6, if you stick with it.

These are the basic steps to your Slim in 6 body:


Before and After Slim In 6 REAL Results!:

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