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Spoiled Kids: Just A Thought.

Photo courtesy of www.thebusinesshippy.com
Photo courtesy of http://www.thebusinesshippy.com

“Spoiled”, a term that shouldn’t be used to describe a child.

It is a word that has been passed on for many family generations, usually describing a behavior or a child that is overindulged and unappreciative in some way or another.  If we pause for a moment to hear that word from a child’s point of view, “spoiled” means bad and rotten. Something that gets thrown away.

What are we saying to a child when we use the term “spoiled” towards them? Children are literal and intelligent, Which may mean that they are hearing something else— that they are “garbage”.

Whether or not the behavior is the child’s fault, that they may be being taught it. is another story. My question is,  If we have to call it something. is there a better word that we can use when describing the “spoiled” behavior, that won’t harm the child’s self esteem?



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