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YouTube can be a frightening world for parents when it comes to allowing your kids to watch videos pertaining to their interests.  From potty mouthed YouTubers ranting obscenities to content that is too mature for even some adults, how can you trust the videos out there that are enticing to your children?  There is one YouTuber that I have found to be an excellent role model for the youth that loves Minecraft.  Dan TDM (The Diamond Minecart) is an entertaining and informative Minecrafter that offers kid-friendly commentary for your child’s favorite game.

DanTDM – The Diamond Minecart – a plastic toy




DanTDM (Real name: Daniel Middelton) and his wife Jemma, are a sweet husband and wife duo that offers good, clean fun that even parents will find themselves laughing with.  They have know each other since they were children.

You can find DanTDM’s YouTube page here.  He also has a Diamond Minecart Website with loads of fun information and links.


UntitledHe sells special T shirts of his brand, The Diamond Minecart for only $15 (different styles available)!  My son has been begging me for one (easy birthday gift! 😉 )

He also has other items like Backpacks, lunch bags and pajama pants for sale on this site.







maxresdefaultDan recently won the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards!Nickelodeon-28th-Annual-Kids-Choice-Awards-2015-Logo-KCAs-15-KCA2015-KCA-Nick-Press







1This website offers some background on Dan: