capital-273344_640Election day is climbing closer each day. Electing a president is something I take very seriously. Our president can determine overall how happy our society can be.

I, personally, am enjoying our president, Barack Obama.  I think he has done, and is doing a wonderful job of listening to the individual person.  No one can work miracles, but he has come close to it in my eyes by shining the light on taboo topics like, homosexuality and race.
Art by Gen

The president I will vote for will have to keep our country modern forward moving, as we are doing now.  I have always been a democrat, but this election, I am not wearing a label. I am weighing everything each candidate has to say. I have my 3 favorites right now, and they are each from a different party!

I hope more people can release themselves of political labels and get to know each candidate and compare their views against your own AND the rest of the country, before you decide.

Vote in 2016!