unknown-913590_1280As I watch my son grow up, our conversations bring me to the realization that school is about 60% social learning and 40% academic learning (It may be more, it may be less, it’s just my guess).  His main enjoyment, as well as concerns, have something to do with friendships and/or bullies.

Most of us can relate with bullies, in some way or another.  How can we prevent children and teens from being bullied or attacked?  We need to teach the bullies another way to act.  What if we incorporate social skills in every grade?  Fair school discipline is, for the most part, good for treating the problem, but why not prevent it.

Students could participate in required social activities and lesson plans.  Maybe the child or teen that was planning to hurt themselves or others will change their mind because they no longer feel alone and socially isolated.

When I send my son to school, I would love to know that he and his classmates are learning social skills.  I can only teach him so much at home.  The modern electronic time brings about a world I can’t come close to relating to when it pertains to adolescent years.

Please comment on what you think.  Do you think teaching  mandatory social skills  classes for every grade, will help with the face-to-face social development that is lacking in our modern time?


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