Photo courtesy of rollingout.comBeyonce just performed at The Global Citizens Festival 2015, among many performers.  This festival is to inspire change and help to fight global poverty and inequality.

Beyonce demonstrated a powerful message to the young girls at festival, she was speaking to; she was dressed classier than ever, barely showing skin, yet radiating sexiness.  For the first half of the show, She wore a long sleeved, nude, dance leotard that went up to her neck.  She paired it shiny, black, thigh high boots and the skin left showing was covered in glamorous sparkles.  Barely showing cleavage, stomach or back throughout the entire concert, she was exuding sexiness.

Her message was mostly for the young girls, but also to those who love them.  She was  inspiring courage, change, confidence and vigilance.  Using large screens and graphics, beautiful choreography, amazing vocals and an energetic and unpredictable show, she got her message across loud and clear.  The audience sang along and repeated after Beyonce.

She a a true performer.  The crowd was vibrating with song and enthusiasm as she sang and gave a tirelessly practiced, flawless performance.  A woman of 5 feet, 7 inches but with the energy of one that’s 10 feet tall.  If you get a chance to watch Beyonce perform at the Global Citizens Festival 2015, you are in for an inspiring treat.

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