infidelity-379565_640The Impact Team recently released a list of 32 million Ashley Madison subscribers.  The website is for individuals who are looking to cheat on their spouses.  I had a spouse of six years that cheated using this and other sites, years ago.  Though some may not wish to know if their spouse is on the list, this post is for those who choose to know if their husband (or wife) has taken steps to break their marriage vows.  I must say, finding your spouse’s name on the list should not be your only evidence of their infidelity.  This should be either a starting point of your discovery or another piece of proof.  The fact is, 90-95% of the Ashley Madison subscribers are men.  Many of the female profiles were created by the website.  So unless your husband has paid extra for the money back guarantee, there is a possibility that they have just created a profile.  If you wish to know if your spouse’s name is on the released list, here is a step by step on how to retrieve the names and emails…

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Where can you find a copy of the list of the 32 million Ashley Madison cheaters, released by the Impact Team hackers? First you’re going to need a bittorrent client, such as “Transmission.” It’s free and easy to use and can be downloaded here.

Once you have Transmission installed, go to a peer-to-peer file sharing like The Pirate Bay. To be taken to The Pirate Bay, click here. Once there, search “Ashley Madison”, or click here for a direct link to the verified torrent file titled “The Complete Ashley Madison Dump from the Impact Team.”

Then click on the “Get This Torrent” as shown below in red.

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Follow your computer’s promps and open the torrent in Transmission. Due to the demand of the list, current wait time for downloading it can take anywhere from two hours to two days right now. Leave the program running while it’s downloading, and once it’s done being downloaded, close out.

If you decide to not use Pirate Bay or its URL is inaccessible in your country, use another torrent site but the “magnet number” for the torrent should read “40ae8a90de40ca3afa763c8edb43fc1fc47d75f1.” A magnet number is like an ISBN or catalog number for a torrent and is usually posted somewhere in its content information.

You now have the Complete Ashley Madison Dump from the Impact Team, which according to

The files appear to include account details and log-ins for some 32 million users of the social networking site, touted as the premier site for married individuals seeking partners for affairs. Seven years worth of credit card and other payment transaction details are also part of the dump, going back to 2007.

Of the 32 million emails in the list, The Hill reports 15,000 of them are government-related email addresses.


This information isn’t something that should be taken or used lightly.  There will be repercussions that will come with this list.  The pain to the spouse and their families, as well as chances of domestic violence and/or suicide.  Please seek professional help if you do discover your spouses name on this list and are having a hard time dealing with it.  This list is not proof that your spouse has cheated on you; it should be viewed as a piece of a complex puzzle.