cat-636172_640If you are the parent to a cat or cats, you can understand the hassle and costs associated with litter.  Not only is litter unappealing for you, your cats probably don’t enjoy it.  Relieving themselves in a litter pan goes against a cat’s nature.  They are programmed to hide their waste smell from natural predators.  When you see them digging away at the litter box, they are trying to conceal their smell.  Another stomach turning truth about litter pans is they way your cat’s paws trap litter and waste.  When they walk around your house, on your counters and in your bed, you guessed it, they are bringing their potty with them.

Here is a step by step way of training your cat(s) to use the toilet.  It is easiest when done with a Cat Toilet Training Kit, but if you are creative, you can drum up your own version using foil roasting pans cuts to size.  If you have more than one cat, it is possible because they like to imitate each other (I have three).  This whole process will take about 4-8 weeks, depending on the cat(s).

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Move the litter box next to the toilet (if you do not have the space to do so, moving it into the bathroom is just as effective).

Photo courtesy of www.wikihow.comStep 2:

Using books or boxes, raise the height of the litter pan about 2-3 inches or so every few days until the pan is the same height as the toilet seat.  This will get your cat(s) slowly adjusted to using the bathroom at that height.

Photo courtesy of www.automaticlitterboxreviews.comStep 3:

Remove the old litter box completely.  Place the first toilet tray onto the toilet and put a good amount of flushable cat litter in the tray.  Leave this on there for a few days (or a week if your cat is stubborn or anxious).

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Continue removing one ring a week until your cat has adapted to the final ring.

  • If at any point your cat needs to back-up in the training put the first training Insert back on the toilet.
  • If you ever feel your cat needs a slower transition, remove just a portion (1/4 – 1/2) of a ring at a time.
  • Once all the rings are removed from the training seat give your cat a few days to adapt and then remove the training seat from the toilet, completely. Keep the training kit if you intend on having your cat use another toilet in the near future (or if you have more than one toilet, buying multiple kits and doing the training on all toilets at the same time will save you time.

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Enjoy freedom from litter, and have a couple of laughs when you see your kitty using the toilet (with clean paws!).

There is also an Automatic Flusher available for those who do not want to have to flush their cat’s poop!