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With the recent shark attacks, you may wonder if there is anything that you can do to protect you and your family from getting bitten.  After doing a bit of research, what I found may help to deter our great predator, The Shark, from attacking while you’re enjoying the ocean waters.


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The Banded Sea Snake’s venom ranks as one of the most toxic in the world.  They rarely bite humans because of their calm and shy nature but to a shark, they are something to avoid.  I watched a PBS show NOVA: Why Sharks Attack. It was fascinating in whole but the part of the show in which they experimented with different shark deterrents gave me an idea

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that may save someone from being attacked.  The scientists put a bucket of shark bait in a simple cloth that was black and white striped, resembling the Banded Sea Snake, and lowered it into the ocean with cameras fixed around it.  When the sharks smelled the bait, they swam towards it but as soon as a they glimpsed the stripes, made a 180 degree turn and left they bait alone.

I’ve included some of that episode of NOVA for you to come up with your own conclusion on whether wearing black and white stripes in the ocean may save your life.

NOVA: Why Sharks Attack

Here are some swimsuits I’ve found that may help to deter sharks.  I must note that I am not an expert, so use your best judgment before attempting them.

Nothar women’s Black and white vertical striped swimsuit $12.99

Nothar vertical stripe

Unique Vintage Black & White Striped Dinah Swimsuit $78.00

vintage striped

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Wexinbuy Black and White Striped Beach Trunks $4.74-$6.40


Fidella Men’s and Women’s Casual Summer Beach Shorts, Pack Of 2 $13.99


Girls Striped Ruffle One Piece Swimwear $21.00 

girls striped suit

Creamie Girls Striped Swimsuit Jennifer, Sizes 8-14 $37.50

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And if you want to go “all out” Banded Sea Snake:

AveryDance Women’s Spandex Black and White Striped Zentai Without Hood and Hands $28.04

avery dance stripe

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This website has their suggestion on a wetsuit that may also deter a shark.