michael-jackson-634411_1280Most of us can remember what we were doing six years ago today, when the world lost Michael Jackson.  At the young age of 50, he left us with legendary his music, dance and theater.

Many were inspired by his talent and enormous heart.  He inspired the likes of Usher, Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, to name a few.  His music videos were ingenious works of art that had the world gathered around the TV in order to get a first peek at the unpredictable MJ.

Do you remember when you first saw this performance?  Never before had anyone seen a body move like that!

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41ZVPY3oCLL._UX395_Here is a unique way to wear The King of Pop around your neck (it may even bring luck to any performances).

5143mumGM2L._SX425_Here is a great set of five figurines of the late Michael Jackson.

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