1. Add a little water to their juice.  If you start young, they will never miss it.

2. Make some “Monster Spray” with some water in a spray bottle and a little glitter.  Have your child watch you lightly spray the room and place it on their nightstand for “extra protection” should they wake up afraid.

3. “Sleepy Juice”.  Put water in a drink container your child likes (or just use a water bottle) and give it to them every night to drink and keep on their nightstand.  It contains a magical, top secret recipe only known to parents.  😉

4. St. Patrick’s Day gnome magic. On the eve of every St. Patty’s Day, the gnomes and leprechauns search the forests and other places for something sweet.  Go with your child to leave a little candy trail to distract the gnomes and leprechauns.  If they do not return to their magical tree by midnight, they turn to stone!  On St. Patrick’s Day morning, your child goes to their trail to discover their gnome sitting on their candy trail! (Leprechauns are very hard to find so I usually stick with the gnomes)

5. If your child refuses to nap, just give them a half hour to an hour of quiet time.  They could read, play quietly with toys that don’t make noises.  Basically meditation time to relax…for you as well 😉